The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander

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The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander – autor Milorad Pavić

Milorad Pavić, the brilliantly innovative author whose first novel, the phenomenal Dictionary of the Khazars, inspired readers to look at literature in a new and unique way, and whose second, Landscape Painted with Tea, virtually created a new set of directions by which to interpret fiction, now gives us The Inner Side of the Wind, a magically entertaining love story that spans two centuries. In his most personal and intimate work to date, Pavić parallels the myth of Hero and Leander, telling of two lovers in Belgrade, one from the turn of the eighteenth century and the other from early in the twentieth, who reach out to each other from across the gulf of time. So that the reader is afforded the opportunity to read the novel from either lover’s point of view, it is approachable from either the front cover (Hero’s story) or the back (Leander’s). In this way, the lovers’ paths converge both figuratively and physically, ultimately joining at the center of the book, no matter whose story one has chosen to explore first. In the playfully inventive manner in which it suggests new ways for language to shape human thought, The Inner Side of the Wind is everything we have come to expect from this remarkable writer: pure Pavić!

Translated from the Serbian by Kristina Pribićević Zorić


Roman Unutrašnja strana vetra je postmoderna interpretacija antičkog mita o ljubavi između Here i Leandra. Reč je o romanu-klepsidri koji predstavlja primer vešto osmišljenog i funkcionalno oneobičenog principa kompozicije jednog romana. Poznat po eksperimentisanju i inovativnosti kada je reč o kompoziciji svojih delâ, Pavić je i u ovom romanu uspeo da usaglasi kompoziciju i sadržaj romana tako da se oni međusobno u isto vreme otkrivaju i skrivaju.


The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander

13,00 KM

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